Reading at Boston Lit Festival_SQ

Boston Book Festival 2017

Four Stories: Reading

My ‘Legacy of Love’ essay was presented as part of Boston’s LitCrawl evening. The event brought the public out in numbers to hear stories in a posh salon with food and drink. My parent’s decision to cross America’s racial divide to marry and raise a family when it was illegal in most of the country sparked significant interest.



Dolores Johnson reading at Bread Loaf_SQ

Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference 2017

The Dark Tower: Reading

At this long-standing traditional reading by writers of color, my story made a tribute to A’Leila Walker’s Dark Tower salons in Harlem. The scene is set in Madame C. J Walker’s Ballroom in 1942 when my father was searching for a nice colored girl to marry.




Harvard University Faculty Diversity Seminar: Panelist

At the University Diversity Dialogues series event, ‘American Masala: Race Mixing’ I presented the “Clique Club family”. It was the social cocoon my parents created with other interracial couples in the 1950s when the fact of their marriages made for severed or painful blood family relationships. The discussion covered identity, societal pressures, historical context and the future.




Second Stage, Amherst, Virginia: Guest Reading

I read poetry about the impact of racism on the guest of honor, in tribute to one of Amherst’s oldest living African Americans.